Unes Bill Reduces Government Costs

Representative Mike Unes is pleased that Governor Pritzker signed his 6th bill of the year into law today. SB1381 streamlines local government by eliminating an unfunded mandate regarding the installation of certain highway road signage.  Unes has worked with IDOT and Mid-West Truckers Association to find a solution to update the current roadway classifications. This solution creates a uniformed system which complies with modern truck dimensions. Eliminating this unfunded mandate placed upon smaller governmental bodies will potentially bring savings at the local level.

Unes, who was just named to the State’s new “Property Tax Relief Committee” said, “One of the biggest contributors to higher property taxes are the unfunded mandates that burden our local taxing bodies. I am thrilled to effect these changes, particularly for many of the rural communities that I represent that have roadways not built to interstate highway standards.” Unes continued, “Eliminating wasteful spending and making government more efficient is common sense and I am proud to continue to advocate for such legislation on behalf of taxpayers.”

The Mid-West Truckers association praised Unes for his persistence with this bill. Unes actually passed the same language last year in the House but that 2018 bill got stalled in the Senate. “Representative Unes has a strong reputation built upon getting results. We appreciate the dedication and leadership he showed in this process. This will improve the safe and efficient transit of goods and materials on Illinois roadways,” said Matt Wells, Associate Director of the Mid-West Truckers Association.

The newly signed law, which also had strong support from the Illinois Farm Bureau, will go into effect in January.