District Update

Unes Announces Traffic Lights at Route 24 and Cameron Lane Active

Rep. Unes wants the public to know that the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has confirmed that the traffic lights at Rte. 24 and Cameron Lane have been active since March 26th. Unes has worked tirelessly to improve the safety of this intersection.

In October of 2017, after another devastating accident, Rep. Unes swiftly organized a meeting with officials from both IDOT and the Illinois State Police. This meeting ultimately resulted in the agreement that the dangerous intersection warranted traffic lights.

“This is a long time coming,” said Rep. Mike Unes. “I have heard about so many accidents and close calls at this intersection. Since late 2017, I have been relentless in insisting the state improve safety by installing traffic lights here. I made it clear that I would not relent on this project until it was completed. I appreciate the speed in which IDOT acted.”

Hollis Township Road Commissioner Dennis Beckman added: “The tremendous amount of work Rep. Unes did, and the speed at which he was able to get this plan into action and completed was really amazing. The community is extremely grateful for his determination and persistence in making a heavily traveled area safer for everyone.”

This will have a major regional impact on safety once this project is completed tomorrow. Route 24 is one of only two arteries connecting Peoria and Fulton Counties.

House Passes Unes Legislation to Offer Posthumous High School Diplomas to Fallen Soldiers

The Illinois House of Representatives recently approved legislation introduced by Rep. Unes that would allow Illinois high schools to award posthumous diplomas to military veterans killed in the line of duty.

“This bill allows school districts to honor their former students who never received the chance to lead a normal life that nearly all young graduates enjoy,” said Rep Unes. “There can never be too many ways to recognize those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to our country with their military service. It is my privilege to help create this opportunity to remember those brave young soldiers who sacrificed their own futures for the sake of ours.”

The initiative was inspired by a group of known former Canton High school students who did not obtain their diplomas before deploying for service, and who ultimately lost their lives to combat during the Vietnam War.

Traveling the District with Mike Unes:

What a Friday in Fulton County! In the morning, I was at Lewistown High School to recognize the Lady Indians for their 3rd place finish in the 1A State Tournament and present each of them with a certificate from the Illinois General Assembly.

Next I was at Canton High School, where I met this year’s “Mr. Little Giant”, Lukas Zumstein. The title recognizes a young man who shows high character, along with unique talent. It was an honor to meet Lukas, who is known for his friendly demeanor. Lukas is active in FFA, Special Olympics and Club Unify. Congrats, Lukas!

Last, but certainly not least, was the ribbon cutting for the new Bike Share in Canton. Spearheaded by Graham Health System and Canton Park District, this offering is so unique to a town of Canton’s size. In fact, Canton may be the smallest community in the country with such a program! Congratulations to the community leaders who made this possible.

Thanks to all my friends in Fulton County who made Friday awesome!

Visiting the Capitol with Mike Unes:

I always enjoy welcoming residents from the district at the Illinois Capitol. Enclosed are a few photos from taken last week with graduate students from Bradley University, medical students, dentists and Pekin High School students to name a few:

House Returns April 9

The Illinois House of Representatives returns to session Tuesday, April 9th. You may view or listen to session live at 12:00 p.m. here.