District Update – May 18, 2018

Unes Legislation to Help Gold Star Families Heads to the Governor’s Desk

The Illinois Senate approved my legislation on Wednesday to ensure families of servicemembers do not face additional burdens after losing their loved one in service to our country. The legislation (HB 4317) will allow families to terminate their lease without penalty when their loved one is killed in action.

I learned of this issue from Kylie Riney, the widow of fallen soldier Sgt. Douglas Riney. She and her two young children needed to move back to Illinois from Texas after her husband was killed in action but the landlord required her to pay penalties for early termination of the lease.

The goal of this legislation is to ensure what happened to the Riney family will never happen to a Gold Star family in Illinois. Even though to my knowledge this has not been an issue in our state, my bill will ensure what happened to the Riney family out of state will not happen to Gold Star families stationed in Illinois.

Senate Committee Approves Unes’ Legislation to Improve Treatment for Child Sex Abuse Victims

On Wednesday, the Senate Human Services Committee approved my legislation (HB 5245) to ensure that child sexual assault victims are able to receive timely care from health care professionals who specialize in providing treatment for victims of child sex abuse.

Since day one, my goal has been to ensure this most vulnerable population of victims that has been through unthinkable trauma, may obtain the care they need from the most qualified medical professionals. This bill provides a voice to the voiceless, and confidence to their loved ones.

Senate Approves Unes Bill to Help Revitalize Vacant Hanna City Work Camp

The Illinois Senate approved legislation I sponsored to help Peoria County redevelop the vacant property known as the former Hanna City Work Camp. The bill passed unanimously out of the Senate on Wednesday.

House Bill 4319 will give Peoria County more economic opportunities which will assist in clean-up of the vacant site previously held by the Hanna City Work Camp. It’s a common sense measure to assist in development and is a win-win for everyone involved. The unused work camp has been an eye sore for many years. Allowing for private investment should help pique the interest of potential developers.

The Hanna City Work Camp closed in 2002 and sat vacant for nearly 16 years. The former prison work camp was owned by the State of Illinois and was operated by the Department of Corrections. In 2009, the State conveyed the land over to Peoria County. The 40 acre site has since remained vacant, in part because the land has not been allowed to receive private investment. Rep. Unes and Peoria County have been advocating strongly for this legislation, which grants the city and county much more flexibility in developing the blighted property.

ICYMI: Rep. Unes Appears ‘On the Record’

On Sunday, May 13th I appeared on Central Illinois’ On the Record with Paul Cicchini. Paul and I discussed the budget and the legislation I have been working on for the Pediatric Resource Center. Click the link here to watch.

Unes Bill to Disband Task Force Clears Committee

On Tuesday, the House Consumer Protection Committee unanimously approved legislation I sponsored to eliminate a task force which has not met in over two years.

Eliminating a task force which does not meet or deemed to be no longer necessary will help our state run more lean and efficient.

Visiting the Capitol with Mike Unes

Enjoyed meeting with 7th graders from Farmington Central Junior High.
Great to see my friends Greg Ranney, Sarah Eddy
and Jim Prichard from the Salvation Army.

House Returns May 21

The Illinois House of Representatives returns to session Monday, May 21st. You may view or listen to session live at 4:00 p.m. here.