District Update – May 2, 2018

House approves Rep. Unes’ legislation to improve treatment for child sex abuse victims

The Illinois House of Representative unanimously passed my legislation (HB 5245) last week to improve access to treatment for pediatric sexual assault victims. In particular, child victims will now have improved access to emergency treatment from specialized clinics, such as Peoria’s Pediatric Resource Center. It also aims to increase the statewide number of pediatric sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) and physicians–which is currently very limited, particularly in downstate rural areas.

Since day one, my goal has been to ensure that this most vulnerable population of victims that has been through unthinkable trauma, may obtain the care they need and deserve from the most qualified medical professionals. While this bill enhances the quality of care for all victims of sexual assault, the greatest improvements will undoubtedly be for children. This bill truly gives a voice to the voiceless, and raises the standard of compassion and care for those who need it the most.

To read more about this landmark legislation, click here.

House approves Unes’ bill to allow revitalization of vacant Hanna City Work Camp

The House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation I sponsored to help Peoria County redevelop the vacant property formerly known as the Hanna City Work Camp. The legislation (HB 4319) paves the way for redevelopment of the blighted area by permitting private investment in the property for economic development purposes.

This bill gives the county some much-desired control over a blighted area, which could very easily spark development opportunities upon its clean-up. This common sense measure to invest in this property is a win-win for all involved, as the unused work camp has been an eye sore for many years. Allowing for private investment should help pique the interest of potential developers and eventually grow the local economy.

The Hanna City Work Camp closed in 2002 and sat vacant for nearly 16 years. The former prison work camp was owned by the State of Illinois and was operated by the Department of Corrections. In 2009, the State conveyed the land over to Peoria County. The 40 acre site has remained vacant due in part because the land is not allowed to receive private investment which is why the county and Rep. Unes are pushing legislation to give the city and county more flexibility to utilize the vacant lot for new development.

To read more about the Hanna City Work Camp bill, click here.

Visiting the Capitol with Mike Unes:

Great to see ABATE for their legislative day.
Thanks again to the entire BCDI team for all that you do!
Enjoyed visiting with students from
East Peoria’s Central Junior High School.

House returns May 8

The Illinois of Representatives returns to session Tuesday, May 8th. You may view or listen to session live at 12:00 p.m. here.