Unes Co-Sponsors “Clean” Bill to Pay State Employees during Budget Impasse

Springfield, IL…State Representative Mike Unes (R-East Peoria) co-sponsored an additional effort aimed at ensuring the state employees are paid during the budget impasse in Springfield, House Bill 4245.
Last Thursday, Unes called on both parties to come to a temporary, balanced budget to avoid major interruptions to state services.  Unes’ co-sponsorship of  House Bill 4245 signals his support of another attempt to minimize the impact of a state government shutdown on state employees who are being asked to show up to work, all the while, the ability of the State to pay those employees is being litigated in the courts.
“If the provisions of this bill become law, we can ensure that our state employees continue to get paid while they continue to perform their duties during this budget impasse,” said Unes on Thursday.  “This is just the right thing to do,” Unes continued.
The Democrat Supermajority pushed a different bill on Thursday that allow paying some state workers for two weeks, as well as some other unconstitutional, unbalanced expenditures.  Unes said House Bill 4245 is, “a simple, clean appropriation that doesn’t play politics with the pay of our state employees.  Rather it pays them what we owe them, and does only that.”
Unes went on to say that he is not abandoning his suggestion for a temporary budget, but rather, “recognizing the impact of this week’s court decisions, we need to make absolutely sure that state employees are paid for work they provide.  That is critical and a part of our moral obligation as employers.  This is not the long-term solution, but it should be a strong component of any temporary solution.”
For more information on the state budget situation or any other state issues, contact Rep. Unes’ Pekin District Office at 309-620-8631.