Unes suggests temporary balanced budget extension

Springfield, IL…State Representative Mike Unes (R-East Peoria) called on both parties to come to a temporary, balanced budget to avoid major interruptions to state services on Thursday.  As the State of Illinois begins its new fiscal year without a balanced budget in place, the Democrat Supermajority attempted a piece-meal approach on Wednesday, in the way of a temporary 30-day state budget funding some state services.  However, Rep. Mike Unes (R-East Peoria), criticized the bill as still being, “unbalanced and unconstitutional” and not including funding for programs like The Autism Program (TAP).
The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget released a letter on Wednesday explaining that the attempt by the Democrat supermajority to pass their temporary budget would result in ultimately spending much more money than revenue is expected for the fiscal year.  The letter describes that the Democrat proposal, “marches the taxpayers of Illinois toward an unbalanced budget one month at a time.”
Rep. Unes went on to urge an attainable solution to remedy this situation, “if we simply divide our expected revenues by 12 months and pass an extension of spending levels commensurate with expected revenues, we can keep state government services open, pay our employees, and not have major interruptions in the lives of vulnerable Illinois citizens dependent on the state safety net.”
“I’m for a comprehensive approach that gives a voice to the voiceless.  It’s a cruel game to string along the most vulnerable when you know the money won’t be there at the end of the year.  Unfortunately, the math simply doesn’t add up here on Madigan’s budget extension.  We are charged by the Illinois Constitution with not spending more money than incoming revenues.  Today, I suggest a simple solution to keep the doors open- pass a temporary budget that simply divides expected revenues and fund the programs we can based on priorities established by the legislature.  We cannot simply make up our own numbers, though,” said Unes, “we have to operate in the real world.”
For more information on the state budget situation or any other state issues, contact Rep. Unes’ Pekin District Office at 309-620-8631.